Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bikini for Breakfast

Can you believe I got TWO bikini's for $20...I can!!!

I don't know how this happened...but it did. All of a sudden I have 2 weeks and 3 days until my beau and I leave beautiful Melbourne to embark on 3 month adventure. It was planned months in advance and it totally snuck up out of nowhere!

You can imagine my morning delight when I found these little gems at a sample sale...and all before breakfast!

I can't wait to be kissed by the sun!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Bobby & Tide for Godwin Charli

Seth wears Godwin Charli William wool/sil suit, Barce white shirt

I photographed my handsome workie Seth Rothery in the new Godwin Charli Spring Summer 2012/2013 Collection.

To view the full collection visit the Godwin Charli website.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Frill Me

I have been tired of late, tired of the count down to the day my beau & I leave for our travels. No spending, all saving. Instead of current trends, im thinking of how much I can fit in my rucksack and how the hell I'm going to squeeze 3 months of outfits into that tiny little space. Never mind Christmas and New year.

I can't help but buy myself a little treat when payday shows its lovely socks it was. Topshop 3 for $17 beautiful little frilly numbers....because it's a basic rule that all travelleres need socks...right?

Now its 'mission find a travel wardrobe', of beautiful things that will most likely end up ruined by the time I touch down on the home turf. I am now on the hunt for cheap chic shorts, t-shirts and dresses that will work both in the beautful Asian/Indian sun and also sheild me from the harsh, bitter cold of Moscow and Scotland....

Wishful thinking?

Saturday, 1 September 2012


My workies and I when out in support of our company Godwin Charli at the Fashion Aid 5 Media Launch at Mon Bijou. Free champagne and a Givenchy clutch later this is what happens. When the boss is away his minions with play!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Hat That

Hat, Sportsgirl (surprise) Sale $9.95

Meet my new hat, ain't he just handsome? I've been looking for 'that' hat for quite some time as I have a rather large head you see so most of them are quite uncomfortable after me squeezing them on. This one...fits like a head glove. Even better when I got to the till point it was reduced to $9.95. Is that even possible? 

Crown Frown

Excuse the orange foundation went wrong.

Last week sure was eventful, in both good ways and bad. I was super excited about getting my bushy, over grown mane scultped and dyed into a new crop. I've had my fair share of hair disasters in the past (basically every time I have ever visited the salon) so I opted for the renowned Joey Scandizzo Salon on Toorak Road, South Yarra (which was conveniently a 5 minute walk from my new little appartment). I went in with a  head full of hairspirational dreams and blurted out 'lighter'...'praline brown' to the poor colourist who was finding it hard enough to understand my Scottish accent. Clearly our communication was beyond poor and I came out a lion cub blonde. I am raven, a brunette through and through. I had already defied my dark haired sisters by opting for a 'few shades' lighter...I was thinking more along the lines of a nice warm shade de Cherly I was Simba son of the Lion King. I was so confused by my light barnet I spent my whole blow dry (which takes quite some time as I have rediculously thick and curly hair) avoiding my own eye contact in the mirror. No amount of their special complimentary dark chocolate, melt in the middle cookies could turn my quivering lips up at the corners. I done what I do best. Pretended I liked it and left, ran round the corner to work and got my lovely ballsy boss to call them for me. 9 am the next morning I was toned back to a brunette...a light one at that. I must be the single most annoying customer of all time. Walking in there with my tail between my legs asking for a re-do. I was meet with not one bit of hostility and treated again like a queen and walked out with a new do and a complimentary blow wave and a biscuit. I am offically swayed. I think I like going to the hair dressers after all.

Last week, if not a wee bit sick, I celebrated my beautiful friend Yvonnes birthday by making her a crown. Ok, I might have the creative skills to rival a 5 year old but I got a new stamp set (and Yvonnes 'real' present) from Kikki K and I could wait to try it out. Who am I kidding...I made a crown and I'm god damn proud of it.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Let's make it a Rich'tual

Every time I have snapped my handsome Chard we always finish with a good old grab of the crotch shot. Y'know loosens everyone off after the 'hard' work (by hard work I do mean having a laugh up alleyways/ against walls of preferably grey). This is by far my favourite shot of the day. Everyone should do a little crotch grabbing every once and a

Bobby & Tide for Godwin Charli

Shoes, Prada

My handsome Chard (Richard Milvain) sported his best Godwin Charli wardbrode for a little impromptu shoot during his coffee break.

Richard wears Marshal 12 Cotton/Linen Leisure Jacket in Charcoal, Raffa Merino wool v-neck knit in Grape, Navy Check Barca button cuff Japanese cotton shirt, Olive cotton Chaise pants and brown leather Albany belt. 

John lennon Salute

Lennon the stud
I've probably posted a fair few kodak's of my TOPSHOP Sunnies, cleverly named Lennon (Genius). They're just a good looking pair and don't they just look handsome riding the tram.

One feels they may have to much time on their hands....


I met this little beaut while out enjoying my freedom in South Yarra (my new hood). Isn't he/she just beyond handsome...if this little prince belongs to envy your way.

My beau Clarky and I have come to the decision that on our arrival back in sunny Melbourne after our travels and visit to the homeland, we shall father A dog is a BIG decision, deciding on the bread is a whole new level. I am beyond smitten (kitten) with French Bulldogs. How could you not love those pointed ears and that little squished face.

Frenchies are the perfect my beau straight out refuses a 'handback/teacup' pup and insists we come to a mutual agreement on a little hound dog that would look good by his side as well as mine.

He say's 'Absolutely not' to my input of a little Frenchie....for now.

There's always Peagle's.

Colour Inspo

Lilal bloom berries.

Isn't this just the perfect tone of lilac...who knew I would find my new colour inspiration for S/S12/13 under a tree. Ah nature you've done it again!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Op't for it

What an amazing Op Shop find. Yum Yum shudder booties.


i love this tiny been. I think I may also be a compulsive hoarder and can't walk by anything remotely nice without wanting it. But it's ok, lilac road beans are free....

Beau got Style

Jack London

My beauface hasn't been himself of we took his sorry ass shopping. Done the trick mind. An ass load of shiny (not shiny) new shirts and a little i-pad put a smile on his handsome pous!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Blog of the Week

Im a person of obsession. I find something I like and I love it to death. There's nothing I love more than finding a new blog to become obsessed with, one that redefines your way of thinking and even inspires the way you dress to the way you think. Love Aesthetics does exactly this. This girl is both creative and  beautiful....a winning mix for addictive browsing. She has awoken the designer in me and sparked the fuse to power my creative clogs. I need to get me some leather to start creating. If you can't afford it...make it! On my make list is numerous leather numbers, clutches and minimalist decorations. Instead of visiting Green with Envy to eye up my new layby...I'm investing in a good sewing machine. I love a good bit of visual stimulation.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sunday Best

Nails & Print free magazine in the Melbourne World
Day Dreaming about the sun
Ashley's TOPSHOP Printed Jeans...are HAWT
It's a serious business catching the tram!
What happens when someone else uses my Nik(on)'s blurry

My beauty Ashley and her almighty fur on Brunswick Street, Melbourne

I now love Mondays as much as Sunday’s….well almost. It’s my new added day of freedom!, where me & my camera boy can explore and wander around the city, reading magazines and indulging in a big bit of window shopping!
This Monday me and my baby nikon had a lunch buddy…my beauty Ashley. She drank coffee, I drank tea and we munched on some yummy, yummy Pizza down Brunswick Street.
Happy Monday’s.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Just Jewels

No man will ever understand the overpowering lust you experience when your peepers come across that necklace (shoes, bag, dress....) that you literally CAN'T live without. I saw this in Grazia the day before payday and from Just Jeans, it was totally going to be mine. MINE!

Total bargin...$39.95...STEAL. Now all I need to do it hope and pray it doesn't break will I'm throwing some shapes!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Snack and Bide

So I didn't just buy the  LAST Leader of the Pack Sass and Bide Jumper...

I lied.

I did, I totally fucken did. So I've become a bit obsessed with the fact that with the power of Layby (which we DO NOT have in Scotland, crime) I can own this mighty label. So I've become inclined to declining lunch and instead, if be it a bit light heading and hungry, opting to feeding my wardrobe instead of my face. But really how amazing is this beast...its hand beaded AND it was the last one!!! I don't even know what it's made of, could be polyesta could be gold. I don't care. All I know is that in 4 weeks it will be hugging my happy, hungry body!

Next on my hit list...Alexandre Wang Diego Bag!

Dear Santa..........

Beau was Blue

Chapel Street vintage(old) photo booth. LUSH
 Nothing better to mend a hurting heart than a little declaration of love cemented in an old photo booth photo set. I thought so anyway. (Did I say photo enough?)

God I'm good!

I also had the pleasure of meeting the old guy who owns the booth and when I say 'meeting' I totally mean getting into trouble for fishing through is bucket at his old photo sets asking 'These for the bin?' (too good to go to waste see...) Turns out they were NOT indeed for the bin but a collection, if be it a wet one, of all his past photo's. You see he has had this booth for well over a decade and his family is all framed right on his here booth. I got the story and the visual of his cute little blonde daughter frozen aged 7 eating ice cream in this very booth, shes now 40(ish) and has a 7 year old of her very own. I love a good story, espcially from a nice oldie...with a booth. So he just about made my week and now every time someone I heart comes to visit me at work I whisk them across for a little 4 minute memory (They take 4 minutes to print, Y'know?)

Suit you Sir.

Suit Jacket, shirt, Merino V-Neck, Cino's and belt all Godwin Charli
Tod's Loafers

Sunglasses, Tom Ford

So this is Chard (grilled), aka Richard. Handsome fella he is. Well we work together and he can kinda dress and then some. He loves a good loafer and a good tote....and big bit of Tom Ford. Here he is looking all kinds of amazing (if I was cool I would have said AMAZEBALLS, but I'm soo over it) on a breakfast date where he made me eat fruit instead of bread and eggs. Good Sir.