Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I met this little beaut while out enjoying my freedom in South Yarra (my new hood). Isn't he/she just beyond handsome...if this little prince belongs to you....dog envy your way.

My beau Clarky and I have come to the decision that on our arrival back in sunny Melbourne after our travels and visit to the homeland, we shall father a.....dog. A dog is a BIG decision, deciding on the bread is a whole new level. I am beyond smitten (kitten) with French Bulldogs. How could you not love those pointed ears and that little squished face.

Frenchies are the perfect size...as my beau straight out refuses a 'handback/teacup' pup and insists we come to a mutual agreement on a little hound dog that would look good by his side as well as mine.

He say's 'Absolutely not' to my input of a little Frenchie....for now.

There's always Peagle's.

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