Thursday, 23 August 2012

Crown Frown

Excuse the orange foundation went wrong.

Last week sure was eventful, in both good ways and bad. I was super excited about getting my bushy, over grown mane scultped and dyed into a new crop. I've had my fair share of hair disasters in the past (basically every time I have ever visited the salon) so I opted for the renowned Joey Scandizzo Salon on Toorak Road, South Yarra (which was conveniently a 5 minute walk from my new little appartment). I went in with a  head full of hairspirational dreams and blurted out 'lighter'...'praline brown' to the poor colourist who was finding it hard enough to understand my Scottish accent. Clearly our communication was beyond poor and I came out a lion cub blonde. I am raven, a brunette through and through. I had already defied my dark haired sisters by opting for a 'few shades' lighter...I was thinking more along the lines of a nice warm shade de Cherly I was Simba son of the Lion King. I was so confused by my light barnet I spent my whole blow dry (which takes quite some time as I have rediculously thick and curly hair) avoiding my own eye contact in the mirror. No amount of their special complimentary dark chocolate, melt in the middle cookies could turn my quivering lips up at the corners. I done what I do best. Pretended I liked it and left, ran round the corner to work and got my lovely ballsy boss to call them for me. 9 am the next morning I was toned back to a brunette...a light one at that. I must be the single most annoying customer of all time. Walking in there with my tail between my legs asking for a re-do. I was meet with not one bit of hostility and treated again like a queen and walked out with a new do and a complimentary blow wave and a biscuit. I am offically swayed. I think I like going to the hair dressers after all.

Last week, if not a wee bit sick, I celebrated my beautiful friend Yvonnes birthday by making her a crown. Ok, I might have the creative skills to rival a 5 year old but I got a new stamp set (and Yvonnes 'real' present) from Kikki K and I could wait to try it out. Who am I kidding...I made a crown and I'm god damn proud of it.

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