Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Frill Me

I have been tired of late, tired of the count down to the day my beau & I leave for our travels. No spending, all saving. Instead of current trends, im thinking of how much I can fit in my rucksack and how the hell I'm going to squeeze 3 months of outfits into that tiny little space. Never mind Christmas and New year.

I can't help but buy myself a little treat when payday shows its lovely face...so socks it was. Topshop 3 for $17 beautiful little frilly numbers....because it's a basic rule that all travelleres need socks...right?

Now its 'mission find a travel wardrobe', of beautiful things that will most likely end up ruined by the time I touch down on the home turf. I am now on the hunt for cheap chic shorts, t-shirts and dresses that will work both in the beautful Asian/Indian sun and also sheild me from the harsh, bitter cold of Moscow and Scotland....

Wishful thinking?

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