Thursday, 12 July 2012

Beau was Blue

Chapel Street vintage(old) photo booth. LUSH
 Nothing better to mend a hurting heart than a little declaration of love cemented in an old photo booth photo set. I thought so anyway. (Did I say photo enough?)

God I'm good!

I also had the pleasure of meeting the old guy who owns the booth and when I say 'meeting' I totally mean getting into trouble for fishing through is bucket at his old photo sets asking 'These for the bin?' (too good to go to waste see...) Turns out they were NOT indeed for the bin but a collection, if be it a wet one, of all his past photo's. You see he has had this booth for well over a decade and his family is all framed right on his here booth. I got the story and the visual of his cute little blonde daughter frozen aged 7 eating ice cream in this very booth, shes now 40(ish) and has a 7 year old of her very own. I love a good story, espcially from a nice oldie...with a booth. So he just about made my week and now every time someone I heart comes to visit me at work I whisk them across for a little 4 minute memory (They take 4 minutes to print, Y'know?)

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