Sunday, 24 June 2012


Beau got new kicks. I HATED the bastards at first, but the neon got me!


Sunday Best

Melbourne's Finest

My beau got some good face

Sunday Funday

I love Sundays....Like big styles love Sunday. Not only is it my ONLY day off but its the day me and Clarky boy go lazy exploring the old Melba city (Thats Melbourne to you norms).
We went to the beautiful Thousand Pund Bend for lunch and a big pot of tea. Its a beautiful bustling little cafe tucked away in the heart of the city with a large naturally lit gallery and events space homed to a lovely little craft fair on this particular day of rest. After we went a wander through the city on to Federation Square where we found a beautiful little outdoor exhibition. 

Bon, Bon Jour. 

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Godwin Charli Suit and Bow Tie
Who said corporate dressing is boring. Not me! Im pulling 'An Alexa" and embracing the joys of boy dressing. I love a good bow tie me.

Tailor me up, I'm a big boy now!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


i love my beanie <3
Rabbit Print silk shirt, ZARA. Oh god i need this so bad, the beau says no, suppose we are week!
Life with Bird tan leather bag, lush

Queen's Birthday Wonder

Skull Cropped Tee, TOPSHOP
John Lennon's, TOPSHOP

Monday felt like Sunday...and Sunday's are my favourite. It's me beau & I's explore Melbourne day. But since Monday was in fact...Monday my beau was away being a busy boy and I was left to my own devices. There's only one thing for it! A day wandering the city, hiding in a cosy corner in Mag Nation hidden by a mountain of magazines, sipping hot chocolates and taking pictures of general handsome crap. So here's my crap. Me, myself and my John Lennon Specs. 


Thursday, 7 June 2012

MY Dip is Dead

John Lennon Sunnies, TOPSHOP
Striped top, Country Road outlet 19.95 Bargin
Some pink obsessed form of satin took over my body and decided to have a pink explosion on my fingers....

Winter Woolies

Red Pom Pom Hat, Leonard Street - Grey Chunky Beanie TOPSHOP

It's that disgusting time of your know the one I HATE more than all evil (if you don't know you do). My lips are dry, my hair is dry, my bloody entire existence is dry. I'm naturally a cold person, whenever I shake the hand of a sweet little oldie, it is always followed by 'Cold hands, warm heart' (Totally True btw) tagline. Cute buggers. I blame my mother, heating on 24/7 even in summer, our guests were always panting out the kitchen window!

So I need to wrap me in the most ridiculous amounts of layers to even feel the slightest bit of heat in this crappy Melbourne weather. Im a summer child T.I.D...

WOHA...I got me some hats and my head is nice and cosy and snug (even though I have hat hair).

Now all I need is a fur onesie and a pair of mittens.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Favourite Blog List Part 2

The Man Repeller

By no means does this Reller need any introduction to say Im TOTALLY beyond, to the moon and back gay for this girl would be an understatement. To come across a lady person with such a hilarious sense of humor and fashion is...well alien in this world. If you got the body, the face and the wardrobe ain't it certain you ain't got no brains? Well I got dem brains but my face is lacking see?

The Man Repeller's recent post about her beauty regime is beyond hilarity, in fact I almost wet my bonds (yes bonds, piss off their comfy and I have to wear a suit all day, shut up). I love a girl who can rip the piss out themselves and this girl can.

"This site is often flooded by images of myself and so it should make sense that a load of you would e-mail in to ask about my make-up routine or lack thereof and while remarks like “Man Repeller has got great style but she looks like a puggle with down syndrome” are often thrown at me, I figured the select rest of you that don’t equate my face with a bag of dying babies–Lena Dunham, if you’re reading, I think we should have brunch, please bring Hannah–might actually want to know what I do to my face"

TBH I don't know how she's getting these 'dying babies' comments in the first place, if I was a boy...I would. The Man Repeller ain't quite so one feels, she's a fucken catch.

My Favourite Blog List Part 1


Hawaiian Coconut on Tumblr is the photographic journal of Emily Faulstich of WildFox Couture's beautiful life visiting exotic places across the globe. In a long distance relationship with her handsome beau, combating the distance between them, by meeting in a different little village or city each time they reunite. Bar the fact she's an absolute blonde fox with a figure not unlike the almighty Gisele and the wardrobe of dreams, she stays in the most out of this world hotels and makes us all green eye'd Jelly by showing us through her endless Kodaks.


I'll go back to my 5 dollah shake!