Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spec Check

These are beyond, I have no idea who made these beauties! But i need them so if any of you lovelies know the genius behind these, Im all ears.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Penthouse Mouse

Penthouse Mouse is an AMAZE-balls space for all kinds of creative people's. I recently attended to watch my very talented friend Annelies Love-Linay in support of her label Where Lovers LIe A/W'12 collection. And boy is it to die. 

The venue itself is exactly what I thought Melbourne was missing, I suppose if your only a newby to this whole new Aussie place it does take a bit of time to find the good ones.

Check it out here, there's a whole load of things going on under it's handsomely crafted roof. It features work from up-and-coming designers of Apparel, Jewellery, Installation...the works.

Oh and how can I forget...they host LIVE photo shoot's....Gawd.

Where Lovers LIie

Where Lovers Lie @ Penhouse Mouse, Melbourne

Where Lovers Lie by Annelies Love-Linay

Where Lovers Lie @ Penthouse Mouse

Penhouse Mouse. Where Lovers Lie A/W Collection

Where Lovers Lie @ Penthouse Mouse

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Take me back.
I can't believe it is all over. Boo.

The polka

Would you look at that, as if I found something ELSE amazing in that little place called Savers. It literally is my favourite place to treasure hunt. I was jobless for a wee while in Aussieland and Savers was my saviour. No matter now little pennies you have in your purse you can always find something in here.

Vintage Polka Dot Dress, $7.99 Savers
Vintage Aviators, $5.99 Savers
Crystal Pendant, Camberwell Market
Bracelet, Guess

My Life in Pictures

Truth be told, I've been extremely lazy of late. LMFF ended with me having a week of self pity and terrible eating habits. I was a big bit ill AND I was working a lot, but thats no excuse. So today on a cosy Melbourne day (typical weather for my only day off work) I have have a date with my beautiful Mac which means a day of blogging :D and a day of a ridiculous amount of tea.

Firstly meet my Instagrid. If you haven't heard of Instagram then you must live under a rock. View it here
my lovelies.

Monday, 12 March 2012

LMFF Street Style

Look who I eye-pied at LMFF Frankie show, it's only Tuula Vintage.

And boy is she devine.

LMFF Street Style

If I had to pick just one woman to swap beings with it would most definitely be Ms Critique.

This girl is perfection. Those specs.

If anyone is going to get me to shave my head, it's defo this one right here.

LMFF Street Style

A very handsome duo.

lusting after those tortoise shell sunnies.

LMFF Street Style

Simple block colour love.

LMFF Street Style

Chloe Sevigny-a-like on the right. What a lovely trio.

 Mega crush on those polka pants.  

LMFF Street Style

This girl is BEYOND. I was once offered a fox in my younger, less fur-obssessed days. I stupidly refused. I forever regret this day.

Effortlessly chic, Wanda Chin is everything I love about fashion. YUM

I need a shoulder fox....NOW.

LMFF Street Style

Pip From Breakfast with Audrey  

Sunday, 11 March 2012


My beauty Ashley Scott en Route to the Frankie show at LMFF in support of Nevenka.

Ashley Wears:
Dress & Shoes Nevenka
Bag & Necklace Vintage

Tuesday, 6 March 2012


I was introduced to her site quite some time ago by my pixie-headed friend Terri and it was clobber lust at first sight. Frassy pushes the boundaries when it comes to her daily ensembles clashing colours, prints and fabrics to create individual get-up's. Not only does she have an immense wardrobe AND live in France, she has an insanely beauteous apartment ram filled with an assortment of beautiful dresses, quirky furniture finds and an incredible array of jewellery draped over gorgeous decor.

I love this outfit, its tote-ally demure meets edgy.

One lucky girl one must say. I have BIG case of the green eye'd monster.

Go peek at her threads at BE FRASSY.

Bob x

Monday, 5 March 2012

Girl of My Dreams

Sweet mother of summertime dreams. This Photographer, Marie Hochhaus, may be my new favo. Especially this image. For those who don't know me, beside from being an illustrator/artist/designer one of my main ambitions in life is to become a photographer and this image definitely feeds my little inner lusting soul.

Go and fill your eye's with dreamy beauteous shots here.

Bob x


Image source: The Vamoose

Word: me

To know her was to love her

Just look at my beautiful gran Joan Barbour, isn't she a fox? After suffering from Alzheimer's disease for what seemed like a lifetime, she finally fell asleep for the last time on the 1st of March 2012, the first day of spring. She departed in impeccable style and elegance taking her last breath to the finishing line of Frank Sinatra's My Way. 

She was everything I hope to be. 

My gran. Gone but never forgotten

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Crimson Ciss

Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick.

R E E M * B E A M

High Beam by Benefit. Supreme glossy sheen.

Wood You?

Why is it when your low on the doe you always find endless amounts of lust-haves your pennies won't allow and the moment the eagerly awaited pay day comes around they are no where to be seen?

Thats what happened on one particular emergency shoe hunt. I dragged my poor handsome beau around ever shoe shop in Melbourne, I couldn't even find anything in Zomp which is basically beyond redick as this is the home of the most beauteous shoes in all the land. 

I had given up hope and began the stroppy stomp home when we walked past Shag and saw these unbelievable beauties and my aren't they something else. 

Even if the are a size too big and the hurt like new age hell, god are they worth it.

Shag Vintage $250

Saturday, 3 March 2012

U L Y A N A * S E R G E E N K O

Could this shoot possibly be any more beauteous? Sheer vintage supreme! I love this beauty. Can't wait until pay day. Ulyana Sergeenko you will be mine...