Thursday, 7 June 2012

Winter Woolies

Red Pom Pom Hat, Leonard Street - Grey Chunky Beanie TOPSHOP

It's that disgusting time of your know the one I HATE more than all evil (if you don't know you do). My lips are dry, my hair is dry, my bloody entire existence is dry. I'm naturally a cold person, whenever I shake the hand of a sweet little oldie, it is always followed by 'Cold hands, warm heart' (Totally True btw) tagline. Cute buggers. I blame my mother, heating on 24/7 even in summer, our guests were always panting out the kitchen window!

So I need to wrap me in the most ridiculous amounts of layers to even feel the slightest bit of heat in this crappy Melbourne weather. Im a summer child T.I.D...

WOHA...I got me some hats and my head is nice and cosy and snug (even though I have hat hair).

Now all I need is a fur onesie and a pair of mittens.

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