Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Favourite Blog List Part 2

The Man Repeller

By no means does this Reller need any introduction to say Im TOTALLY beyond, to the moon and back gay for this girl would be an understatement. To come across a lady person with such a hilarious sense of humor and fashion is...well alien in this world. If you got the body, the face and the wardrobe ain't it certain you ain't got no brains? Well I got dem brains but my face is lacking see?

The Man Repeller's recent post about her beauty regime is beyond hilarity, in fact I almost wet my bonds (yes bonds, piss off their comfy and I have to wear a suit all day, shut up). I love a girl who can rip the piss out themselves and this girl can.

"This site is often flooded by images of myself and so it should make sense that a load of you would e-mail in to ask about my make-up routine or lack thereof and while remarks like “Man Repeller has got great style but she looks like a puggle with down syndrome” are often thrown at me, I figured the select rest of you that don’t equate my face with a bag of dying babies–Lena Dunham, if you’re reading, I think we should have brunch, please bring Hannah–might actually want to know what I do to my face"

TBH I don't know how she's getting these 'dying babies' comments in the first place, if I was a boy...I would. The Man Repeller ain't quite so one feels, she's a fucken catch.

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