Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Life happens

You know when something comes along, usually life and throws you off balance? Makes you a little lazy, a little forgetful and before you know it months had passed and you still haven't done 'that thing'?

Well today, right now actually, is when I'm grabbing that thing and darn well doing it. This 'thing' is this here post. It's been a long, wonderful, exciting and sometimes testing four whole months since my beau and I left our comfortable sunny little Melbounre existence for the unknown endeavours of the unknown shores.

We travelled Malaysia, exploring on foot, bicycle, boat, train and plane. Met monkeys and mountain lizards in crowded streets and deserted islands. He asked me to be his wife high amongst the trees on a terribly dangerous bridge in the middle of the jungle. We had unexpected meetings with his childhood friends in Thailand where we shared the most beautiful sunsets, swam through hidden underwater caves, snorkel with magnificently coloured fish and made it through a terrifying night of horror which left us not only extremely shaken but with rather large medical bills and the boys with a few scars. We explored the colourful culture of India and stood on the steps of the Taj Mahal, saw the most emotional, harshest examples of human suffering and met some of the happiest most beautiful children in the world! Then we came home to Bonnie, Bonnie (snowy) Scotland to spend the first Christmas with our families in two years!

We have certainly been on a magnificent journey with my camera capturing every step of the way!

BUT, we have a problem, a rather big one see! A problem that has kept me from writing this post for so long...

My beau killed my Mac Book Pro, my beloved, my everything (the Mac not him). Dead. Gone. Never coming back. He saturated it with Gatorade and well life without photoshop has been rather dull. Rather non existent, particularly when NO ONE you know has it that you could pinch! 10,000+ kodaks await their unavailing. Until then Instagram will have to do...

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