Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Crush of the Clutch

Would you feast your eye's on this tribal/geometric Clutch of Dreams...

I spend a lot of my time look lusting at things I know I will never own. Things my heart and head tell me I cannot live without, things that will most certainly ruin my life if they do not belong to me. Unfortunately I don't have a credit card or a bundle of inheritance to enjoy such things and am working 6 days a week to fund the dream trip around Asia, China and India, so these things will have to wait until I return to my home soil of Bonny old Scotlan, land of the poor and slave away from dusk til dawn to have such things.

But this, THIS is heaven. The perfect little clutch that would last a thousand trends. So Santa its over to you, if you want to pop over and pay me a visit a few months early you know my address...

Wishful thinking?

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