Monday, 27 February 2012

Bonjour, Ello, Salut

Hello, this is me...Robyn. Also known as Bobby, Bobin or just plain Bob. A man's name I hear you say, well I was never one to stick with the 'norm'.

Being a tumblr girl for quite some time, 15 months to be exact (I know this as it was the week I arrived in Australia I begun my life of blog). Simple fact is, it was easier. But all my favourite blogs where all on this beautiful Blogspot/Blogger malarky so I've went and done one myself.

Here's the thing, Im rather difficult to pin to one box. I have my finger in many different beauteous pies. I am an illustrator, an artist, a stylist, a blossoming photographer (or so I like to think) and a designer. I lust after both vintage and high fashion, designer and high street so this will be my fashion blog, my little blog of both my own work and my lusting of others.

Welcome and Hello xo

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